Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Facebook Appreciation Post

This post has 1.1 MILLION shares on Facebook. 

All organic.  

Appreciation does go a long way.  Appreciate someone today. From your client, colleague, friend & even that family member...

For your social media marketing campaigns, all it takes at times is appreciation. Let your audience know that they are valued, that they are heard and that their views are taken into consideration. This could stem from a simple good-morning, an automated/customised happy birthday post to maintaining a simple cordial conversation with some of your loyal subscribers.

Appreciation could be the difference between merger performance and exemplary performance of your digital marketing strategy.

And I've got news for you,  that the cost of showing appreciation is 0!

~Digital Marketing 101~

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Dear Doctor

Not sure, but I think the lady doctor who treated me today was flirting with me! 

Why else would she tell me the temperature of...

get this...


Poor me was too sick to notice.

 I hope she gets my number off the consultation form...

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